Welcome to Bayview Residential Brokerage.

Professional & Reliable

Welcome to Bayview Residential Brokerage, a professional mortgage company specializing in residential mortgages. At Bayview Residential Brokerage, we will find a loan that fits each borrower. Unlike big banks that have order takers helping you with your loan, we have highly skilled and trained loan consultants. Our consultants know what it takes to get through underwriting quickly and efficiently. Also, as a broker, we have relationships with many lenders. This allows us to find the right lender and program for you to get you the best rates and terms possible for your situation. Compare this to the big banks that many borrowers try to work with - they are limited to only the products and rates their own company offers. We have a broad range of products to suit all types of borrowers and situations. No matter your needs, we are here to help.

  • Highly competitive rates and programs.

    Bayview works with over 70 mortgage lenders, many of which are not depository banks, which can offer broader programs, guidelines and lower rates than traditional brick and mortar retail banks.

  • High level of service.

    Our agents work on the borrower’s time, available evenings and weekends to address borrowers’ concerns at borrowers’ convenience.

  • Use of latest technology.

    secure on-line loan application and secure borrower asset data collection and the latest secure technology to collect borrower asset information directly from borrowers’ financial institutions digitally

  • Expertise of our mortgage loan originators.

    a mortgage is a complicated product, all of our agents are state and federally licensed with years of experience and developed industry expertise.

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